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Save money with mediation in Bolton and Manchester, avoid a court battle and mediate. Bolton.

Civil and Commercial Mediation


As qualified mediators we can help you with any Civil or Commercial dispute and be confident of reaching a satisfactory agreement for you and the other party. It is not unusual for the parties to come to their agreement inside 1 days mediation, the common types of mediation are listed below but these are not exhaustive


Landlords and tenants can save time and money and resolve a dispute with mediation.Manchester

Landlord and Tenant

Dont go to court  use our professional mediators.

Property and land disputes are very costly a mediator can help to resolve a dispute for parties.

Land and Property

Boundary disputes are a Judges nightmare..

Boundary disputes with a neighbour can be easily resolved by a mediator. Mediate Greater Manchester

Neighbour Disputes

Mediation can be very helpful between neighbours.

Resolve a commercial or contract dispute today in Greater Manchester with a mediator. Bolton Salford

Consumer and Commercial disputes

We can help if you are a consumer or business.

If both parties live apart online mediation can be arranged to avoid court battles. Bolton, Salford.


conduct mediation online confidentially

We offer a full mediation practice and can mediate any dispute for parties. We are fully accredited.


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