Civil Mediation

Commercial Mediation

Commercial Mediation

Civil mediation available in Greater Manchester. All commercial and family disputes to resolution.

Civil disputes include neighbour disputes, boundary disputes, personal injury et.c  we can help with all civil disputes. Being Civil Mediation Council Accredited we can deal with all Civil and Commercial matters.

Commercial Mediation

Commercial Mediation

Commercial Mediation

Mediation is the quickest and most cost effective way to resolve a dispute. Dispute resolution in the north west.

Commercial disputes are usually when a contract has been broken and involves a business or sale. There are many forms of commercial dispute which we can help.

Family Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Family mediation available in Bolton, Manchester, Salford, Bury, Oldham, Radcliffe and surrounding.

Family Mediation ranges from Child arrangements, Separation, Property and Finance to Divorce. Being FMC registered we can help with all family matters.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

resolve your workplace disputes in bolton, workplace mediation can help reduce team turnover.

Increase productivity and engagement and reduce team turnover with the use of an accredited workplace mediator.

About Us

Mediation Business Services

We can help you resolve any dispute. Feel free to reach out with questions about topics like: 

  • Divorce
  • Child Arrangements
  • Contract Disputes
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Neighbour Disputes
  • Any Civil, Commercial or Family Dispute.  


Welcome to Mediation England, I am dedicated to, Family mediation, Commercial mediation and divorce mediation, who looks to achieve the best outcome for the parties involved.

As a facilitative style mediator I try to help all parties involved to come up with the best solution for them. I will ask questions and try to get to real interests so that a long lasting agreement can be achieved the parties and the need for further action is less likely.

Please feel free to contact me for a personal, free, no obligation consultation.

Retain Control

 In mediation the you retain full control of the dispute, allowing you to reject settlements with which you do not agree, and enabling you to reach more creative settlements or just 'good enough' settlements with which you can readily live.

This is not the case when going to court where the judge will make a judgement based on facts and the law and cannot flex from this. We take all mediations seriously whether family mediation,divorce mediation or commercial mediation.


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About Us

Mediation available for all matter in greater manchester, mediation is a great alternative dispute resolution.

Short Notice Mediations

We are able to set up mediations for any dispute in days rather than weeks.

Mediation services available in bolton, greater manchester, oldham, preston, bury, stockport. Resolve your dispute today.

We will ensure it is a fair balanced process

We will listen to both sides and remain impartial..

How can mediation help you, contact us today. Resolve your dispute today.

You remain in control

Unlike other forms of dispute resolution, you remain in control of the outcome..

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